RNS Distribution

Cost effective, superior service.


RNS Mission

‘We aim to develop our position as a leading and independent logistics service provider in Africa RNS Logistics has a single goal: to provide smarter, better and speedy logistics services day in day out. The world of refrigerated logistics is changing rapidly. New production areas are being added daily, business is responding to new opportunities and relationships with sales markets are changing. The retail trade requires ever more sustainable logistics solutions, and quality control criteria are becoming stricter.


RNS Delivery

Speed, flexibility and reliability. Shortening lead times . We know what it takes to meet your needs in all product distribution.

RNS Logistics delivers. Around the clock. Day in, day out. Our customers can turn to RNS Logistics for all kinds of transportation, from a single pallet to a full load, from regular traffic flows to ad-hoc transportation. Our smart method of combining shipments and our sophisticated transport planning enables us to provide suitable and efficient road transport solutions which meet agreed delivery times and conditions. This involves the timely collection of products, but also timely supplies and deliveries to wholesalers, fresh produce markets and retailer distribution centers. It is not just the physical execution of the order which is in safe hands, we also conduct correct order administration and provide timely information on transportation of your goods.


RNS Control

The ultimate aim is to relieve customers of their logistics concerns so that they can focus fully on their own key activities.

We know what it takes to find alternative solutions for you in refrigerated logistics. RNS Logistics discovers. Around the clock. The smart way. In its capacity as supply chain controller, RNS Logistics is happy to take responsibility for the entire logistics process. This starts by determining the customers’ total logistics requirement, including identifying together any areas for improvement. Our combination of expertise and information enables us to consider the situation and make the correct logistics decisions, and at the same time we offer our customers insight and transparency into the services we provide. The objective is maximum communication with the client, preferably using digital means. In doing so, we set ourselves the challenge of constantly seeking improvements and implementing new applications in order management, planning and decision-making systems. Chain control entails possessing the right information, at the right time and actively managing according to it.


RNS Fleet

Our fleet consists of the following vehicles:


A refrigerated vehicle with a payload of 3200kg. Double doors at the back. Ideal vehicle for quick door to door deliveries. Temperature: ambient, chilled and frozen.


A refrigerated vehicle with a payload of 4200kg. Ideal for loading crates and boxes. Double doors at the back. Ideal vehicle for quick door to door deliveries. Temperature: ambient, chilled and frozen.


A refrigerated vehicle with a payload of 6500kg. Ideal for loading crates and boxes. Our 8 ton vehicles could take up to 12 pallets. Double doors at the back. Temperature: ambient, chilled and frozen.


This vehicle is designed to be loaded with forklifts. Ideal for bulk. Palletized goods can be transported with this vehicle. It can accommodate 28-30 pallets. Temperature: mbient, chilled and frozen. All trucks have multi temperature fridges that go as low as -30 degrees

Logistic solutions

10 years of experience in delivering at the right place and in the right condition. Markets, supermarkets, farmers,distribution centers you name it, we fulfill your logistic needs.

24 hours

Delivery around the clock within 24 hours, the smart and green way.

Always an answer

Always able to communicate in a transparent way. Always there with an answer.

Timely information

By means of Track Trace timely information about the location of your pallets and your customers pallets.

Consolidate optimize

Consolidating incoming pallet volumes and optimizing for onward distribution.

Working together

Strong network of dedicated transportation partners.

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+27-11-474-8890 (South Africa - 8:00-17:00)
+27-79-899-2148 (South Africa - 24hrs)

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